CV Bike Month 2020 Is Not Happening

For everyone's health and safety, CV Bike Month 2020 is canceled. We encourage you to safely ride your bike, however there will be no Million Mile Challenge this month to log your miles. Thanks for your continued support.

- The CV Bike Month Team

Bike Month 2019 Is Over!

Thanks to everyone who rode last month and logged miles. And thanks especially for sticking with us while we had a few website hiccups along the way. Total mileage for 456 riders was 102,564. Not too shabby. Thanks again for riding, and we’ll see you in the bike lanes!

Website Issues Are Resolved

We've resolved the issue that caused logged miles to disappear. We're very sorry for the trouble. Please let us know if you come across any other issues. Now, let's keep riding and logging miles to finish Bike Month strong!

Share the Road PSA

Fresno Bike to Work Day Winners

Congratulations to the winning companies in Fresno's Bike to Work Day Challenge! The employers who collectively rode the most miles are listed below. Thanks for riding on this somewhat rainy Bike to Work Week!

Bike to Work Day - May 17

Size Name Miles
Large Caltrans District 6 325.4
Medium McCormick Barstow 40.7
Small Kerman High School 63

Bike to Work Week - May 13-17

Size Name Miles
Large Caltrans District 6 525.8
Medium McCormick Barstow 75.5
Small Metalmark Climbing and Fitness 151.1

Stay Safe While You Ride

CV Bike Month 2019 Is Here

Register now for the Million Mile Challenge! Join a team or ride solo. It's going to be a great month!

Welcome to CVBM!

Welcome to Central Valley Bike Month! Central Valley Bike Month adds a whole new dimension to Bike Month in Fresno, Merced, Madera, Tulare, and Kings Counties. Our goal is to unite all the different cities and counties of the region, and their events, as we work together to show that bicycling is a fun, viable mode of transportation.

Explore the site, log your miles, challenge friends, and enjoy the ride.


Everyone in the region can log their miles in the Million Mile Challenge, as we ride toward a collective one million miles during the month of May. It's all going down right here at the all-new, where you can log your Bike Month miles and challenge others.


Do you already have Bike Month events planned? Great! All local events will continue as planned, and our site serves as a calendar for everyone's Bike Month events across the Valley. So wherever you are, you'll know what's going on everywhere else.


Be sure to follow us on social media for more news and chances to win prizes throughout the month. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -- @cvbikemonth. We hope you like what we've been working on for Central Valley Bike Month.

Thanks for riding!

Central Valley Bike Month is a project of the Bike Happy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Five Layers of Safety

1. Bike Control: starting, stopping, signaling, and maneuvering smoothly.

2. Following Rules of the Road: obey all laws, signs, signals, use correct lanes. Be alert, predictable, and visible. Use white front light and red rear reflector or tail light at night.

3. Positioning: lane control with narrow lanes/communicate your intention to turn or go straight by your position in the lane.

4. Hazard Avoidance Skills/Maneuvers: practice the Quick Stop, Instant Turn, Rock Dodge, Avoidance Weave.

5. Passive Safety (e.g., like seat belts/air bags): use helmet, gloves, sun glasses.

Principles of Traffic Law

First come, first served.

Ride in the same direction as traffic (not against traffic as do pedestrians).

Bicyclists have all the rights and responsibilities as drivers of vehicles.

Yield to crossing traffic.

Yield when changing lanes.

Speed positioning: You may take the full lane when riding the speed of traffic; otherwise ride as far to the right as is safe.

Lane positioning: You may take the full lane when the lane is too narrow to share with vehicles (i.e., 3 feet on either side of a bicycle); otherwise ride as far to the right as is safe.

Intersection Positioning: Use the right most lane serving your destination.

Follow all signs, signals and markings!

Smart Cycling Tips

When you're riding this month, keep these tips in mind to stay safe.

Pre-Ride ABCQ Quick Check

A for Air
B for Brakes
C for Crank, Chain and Cassette
Q for Quick Release

Rules of the Road

Follow the Law.
Be Predictable.
Be Conspicuous.
Think Ahead.
Ride Ready.

Challenge Another Team

If you want to make Bike Month a team sport, just create a team on your profile page. If your friends have already created a team for you to join, select it from the dropdown list. Teams can have as many members as you want, so invite everyone you know!

Once you're on a team, track your overall progress on the team challenge page. There you can see the total miles ridden, the type of miles, and the average per rider.

For more excitement, challenge another team directly. If you're the leader of your team, you can challenge another team via the "Challenge a Team" page. Then you can track your head-to-head progress on the My Challenges page.

So get going. Bike Month is more fun with friends!

Compete Against Other Employers

Want to compete against other employers? Be sure to select your employer when registering for CVBM. That way you'll be able to track how many miles your coworkers ride, as well as compare your miles to other companies.

Need to edit or add your employer? Just go to your profile editing page. Then check out your stats at the Employer Challenge page. Follow along all month long to see who's in the top spot!

Register Students

Register students to challenge, and track riding by, different schools and colleges. 

If Your Child Is a Student

If you have a child who likes to ride you can register them under your main user account. Go to EDIT PROFILE and click ADD/EDIT STUDENTS near the top. Click "Add a Student or Group of Students..." There you can register your child (choose "Individual"), their school, and their teacher. Once you have your child registered, when your click to LOG MILES, you can select them in the NAME dropdown. Any miles they log will also be logged to their school which you can see listed under the CHALLENGES link. It's a great way to get kids riding and our local schools participating in creating healthier students!

If You Are a Student

If you are a high school or college student, you can register yourself as a student under your own user account. Go to EDIT PROFILE and click ADD/EDIT STUDENTS near the top. Click "Add a Student or Group of Students..." There you can register yourself (choose "Self"), your school, and your teacher (if applicable). Once you have yourself registered, when your click to LOG MILES, any miles you log will also be logged to your school which you can see listed under the CHALLENGES link. 

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